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Watch That Gift…or Gift That Watch!

Paul WhiteIn our latest watch blog, Paul White highlights some of the latest models of various sports watches that would make for great gifts this upcoming holiday season. 

Paul is originally from New York City and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana State University. A frequent contributor to industry publications, Paul is a passionate film buff, home cook, reader, and watch collector. A former sports and news host at Indianapolis’ WIBC, Paul and his wife Carolyn just made the return move home to Indianapolis and are happily settling back into midwestern life after living in Phoenix for the past few years.

Gifting a Sports Watch this Holiday Season

So you say it’s too soon to be talking about holiday gift-giving. Au contraire! Forget about Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations on display in October—I was just at a store where Easter eggs are on display! (Of course, they might have been from last year…but I digress.) The holidays are just around the corner, as well as December birthdays, anniversaries, and countless other reasons to be in a giving mood. From this elf’s perspective, there’s nothing like the gift of a beautiful timepiece to show love and appreciation for a lifetime. Where to start your search? In the next few columns, we’ll look at different categories of timepieces so that you can make just the right selection for your special someone. Let’s begin with Sports Watches.

What is considered a Sports Watch?

We think of Sports Watches as being chunky, made for the elements, and with a metal or rubber bracelet. While some of this is true there are more features to note. A wristwatch can be considered a sports watch when it is very durable, easily legible, or made to aid a task. A sports watch is usually water or shock-resistant. Some feature a tachymeter, stopwatch, or rotating bezel, and the list can go on. With today’s loosened fashion rules, sports watches are wearable with casual and dressier attire. Here are a few favorites to consider.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300

First, The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 is the great Swiss manufacturer’s latest entry in the best-selling Aquaracer family. At 43 millimeters it’s durable and chunky but the design is comfortable on even smaller wrists. More water resistance than you’ll ever need unless your pool is as deep as the ocean, incredible luminescence for easy visibility at night, a metal bracelet that resists the elements, elapsed time bezel, and a stunning orange dial. At $3,400 an excellent value for a watch that delivers a lot. Others dial colors available.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer - WBP201F.BA0632


Tissot Seastar

Speaking of great value, I can’t think of any watch that delivers it like Tissot. For years this value and performance brand has been the top-selling brand in Switzerland so you know, in the land of watches, that means something really good. The Seastar automatic delivers an incredible watch at $750. An automatic movement with 80 hours of power reserve, 300 meters of water resistance, a sturdy case and bracelet, and terrific luminescence. The rotating blue bezel and the crisp blue dial make the Seastar pair easily with a wide range of clothing. This is a watch that anyone would love to own.


Oris Divers 65

From Holstein in Switzerland comes the innovative brand, Oris.  This environmentally conscious company is leading the way in using manufacturing and materials that look to the future and preserve resources. One of my personal favorites, and the watch I personally wear is the Divers 65. Possessing a true retro look with aged numerals, a large simple crown in the classic mode, a comfortable bracelet, and…the edge of the bezel trimmed in Bronze for a truly two-tone appearance. A slim profile makes this 42-millimeter everyday beauty incredibly comfortable to wear and is just $2500.


TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight

Tudor is a long-time legendary name in fine Swiss timepieces. With its DNA in the world’s most well-known manufacturer, Tudor provides a classic, durable and reliable watch that absolutely stands the test of time, design, and performance. The Black Bay 58 presents the classic diver’s watch with the easily recognizable dial, “snowflake” hour hand, large crown, and rugged bracelet. Plus the 39-millimeter size is a perfect choice for a man or woman and can be worn with anything and is only $3900.



Breitling Superocean

Finally, let’s look at the latest from Breitling in their redesigned SuperOcean range. All the characteristics of this famous watch are here; rotating bezel, ultra water resistance, lume, bracelet with a distinctive diagonal link pattern. What’s new are the dial presentations. Vivid and fun, the men’s and women’s models below are just two of the possibilities presented by the iconic Swiss brand. Men’s 42mm is $4850, ladies’ 36mm available at $4800.



There you have it…a brief and surface introduction to the myriad of sports watches available in the Reis-Nichols collection of fine Swiss timepieces. Next: A look at the classic dress watches for that “timeless” person in your life.

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