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Category Archives: Engagement Do’s & Don’ts

Today’s Agenda | Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

engagement ring
You have found the girl who is the one, planned the perfect proposal, and now you have one thing on today's agenda...find the perfect engagement ring for the girl who has captured your heart, but you don't know where to start. No worries, we have a guide that will turn ring shopping into a no-brainer. If you are still feeling stuck at the end, we have a little secret up our sleeves that will have you ready to pop the question. The Basics: When it comes to engagement rings, there are three broad categories that will help you narrow your search: plain, diamond, and gemstone. A plain ring refers to a metal band that does not have any gemstones besides the center stone. Don't be mistaken, it can be far ... [Read More]

Natural Wonders | Wedding hair is having a boho moment

TOP TRENDS When asked what today’s brides are requesting most, hairstylist Emily Carcaramo of Once Upon a Bride doesn’t hesitate. “Natural, natural, natural!” she replies. Carcaramo, who also styles celebs for editorial and television appearances, always encourages brides to consider textured updos or half-up styles for longevity purposes. “But for those brides set on wearing their hair down, go for natural-looking waves. And no matter how thick your hair is, I suggest adding extensions so the volume translates for your photos and doesn’t fall flat halfway through the festivities.” Angelo David, who styles hair on-location with celebs like Coco Rocha and Christie Brinkley as well as in his eponymous ... [Read More]

Engagement Dos and Don’ts – Be Safe

Do Make Sure the Ring is Safe No matter what setting you choose to propose in, make sure the ring stays safe throughout the day.  This includes the box it comes in.  If you know you’ll be around water or doing activities that involve a lot of movement or a change of clothes, be sure to plan carefully to ensure the ring is safe when it matters most! Don’t Drink Too Much You want the moment to be perfect and you definitely want to remember it.  If you’ll be in a setting where alcohol is served, be careful not to drink too much before popping the question.  You don’t want a few too many cocktails to ruin the special moment. ... [Read More]

Engagement Dos and Don’ts – Get Ready For An Emotional Day

Do Keep Your Emotions in Check It’s an emotional day!  Be sure to rehearse what you are going to say ahead of time so you don’t get so caught up in your own feelings that you can’t ask the question.  Obviously it is okay to be a little nervous, just make sure you get to say what you want to say. Don’t Forget the Tissues If you’re like most couples, you’ll both be crying tears of joy.  Make sure to stash a few tissues in your pocket to be safe! ... [Read More]

Engagement Dos and Don’ts – How to Ask

Do Involve the Parents You already know it's traditional to ask her dad before popping the question, but have you considered actually involving one or both of her parents in the proposal? If they're close, her parents can be helpful in capturing the moment while also making it more meaningful to her.  If she’s close to your family, think about including your parents/family members, too! Don’t Propose on April 1st What’s the worst day of the year to propose?  April Fool’s Day, of course!  Don’t make her think you’re joking around with her heart.  She loves you and you want to spend the rest of your life with her, so remember to avoid April 1st at all costs! ... [Read More]

Engagement Dos and Don’ts – Planning is Key

Do Have a Plan This is a big day!  Make sure everything runs smoothly by having a plan.  Know where you’re going, what activities you will be doing for the day, and when to pop the question.   Make sure you leave enough time to take pictures and enjoy the moment, but also plan a cute surprise for after the big moment. Don’t Get Too Nervous Make sure you rehearse your proposal ahead of time.  This will help you to not trip over your words and remember what to say when you’re nervous in the moment. ... [Read More]

Engagement Dos and Don’ts – Surprise Her, Don’t Scare Her

Do Surprise Her Make her feel special by keeping the proposal a surprise until you actually pop the question (and make sure anyone else involved in the plan does, too).  It will make the moment even more special and emotional if she’s caught a little off guard.   Make sure whoever is photographing the moment is prepared to capture the surprise on her face. Don’t Scare Her The moment you pop the question should be happy, not scary! Don’t take the surprise too far and make sure she feels comfortable in the moment. ... [Read More]

Engagement Dos and Don’ts – Location, Location, Location!

Do Choose a Special or Romantic Setting You want the moment of your engagement to be special and romantic, and the setting plays a role.  Whether you pop the question over a romantic dinner or at the beach, the spot will hold a special place in both of your hearts forever.  Put some thought into the setting and choose wisely. Don’t Give It Away with the Location If you usually don’t make big romantic gestures and you suggest a weekend getaway to the beach or a trip to the spot where you had your first date, she’s going to know something is up.  Sometimes this is okay, but make sure you consider the location carefully and plan accordingly. ... [Read More]

Engagement Do’s and Don’ts – Capturing the Moment

Do Have a Plan to Capture the Moment The day you pop the question should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and it will undoubtedly be one you will both want to reminisce about.  Be sure to capture the moment of your engagement - this can be tricky, so you need to have a plan in advance.  It’s never a bad idea to enlist the help of a professional, we love Jennifer Driscoll Photography. Don’t Ruin the Surprise by Bringing the Paparazzi If a friend or family member is obviously walking around with a camera, she’ll know something is up. Make sure whoever you ask to capture the moment plays it cool and belongs in the setting where you are going to propose.  Try to keep it a surprise ... [Read More]