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Reis-Nichols Dads Tell All: 2022 Edition

BJ Nichols and kids
Back in 2020, we featured some of our awesome dads and asked them a few questions about fatherhood and what was on their Father's Day Wish Lists! This year, we have a new batch of dads giving us the lowdown on what's what when it comes to being a father, plus what they are pining for gift-wise this year. Check out the original post here. BJ Nichols – President of Reis-Nichols Jewelers  Q. How many kids do you have? A. I have two kids—Hannah & Aaron Q. Favorite part of being a dad? A. I loved watching them grow up and learn new things. Q. What's on your wish list for Father's Day this year? A. The newly released TAG Heuer Monaco Special Edition is super sleek and pays homage to the ... [Read More]