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Diamond Ad Campaign ‘For Me, From Me’

The Diamond Producers Association’s “For Me, From Me” ad campaign made its debut yesterday during E! News‘ highly rated coverage of the 91st Academy Awards. “For Me, From Me” is a campaign inspired by the ever-growing segment of the market represented by women who buy diamonds for themselves. The group now accounts for one-third of the $43 billion diamond jewelry market. E! viewers were introduced to the new lifestyle videos via an innovative picture-in-picture presentation. This is a technique where — just before scheduled commercial breaks — the show coverage and DPA video were shown on the screen simultaneously. In addition, elements of the campaign were seen in photo gallery takeovers on ... [Read More]

Grand Reopening | Reis-Nichols’ Keystone at the Crossing Store

reis-nichols grand reopening
Join us at our Grand Reopening to experience improved shopping at Reis-Nichols Jewelers' Keystone at the Crossing store on Saturday, December 2, from 10 am to 5 pm. Enjoy the expanded space showcasing exclusive jewelry and extended watch selections. View into our state-of-the-art, in-house jewelry manufacturing shop where our team of artisans handcraft custom designs and our very own Reis-Nichols Collection. Explore the new boutiques such as David Yurman, Rolex, Roberto Coin, Breitling, Marco Bicego, and more. Reis-Nichols Jewelers broke ground on this full showroom remodel, including a 3,000 square foot addition, in January 2017. The project was completed in two phases, concluding in October. ... [Read More]

Forevermark Black Label Collection: Diamonds That Sparkle like No Other

Forevermark has unveiled a new generation of diamonds as part of the Forevermark Black Label Collection. Cut with supreme symmetry and unprecedented accuracy to release a dazzling light, it is not only a new generation of diamonds, it is also the most exclusive collection of diamond cuts ever conceived. It provides the best of what Forevermark offers: the best of sourcing with integrity, the best of quality and durability, and the best of beauty. Stephen Lussier, CEO of Forevermark, comments: "In our constant pursuit of absolute beauty, we are proud to unveil this new exclusive range of beautiful diamonds. Since the launch of the brand, we have used technology and our diamond expertise to serve ... [Read More]

In The Rough – Accent Magazine Article

When famed National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths visited a South African diamond mine for the first time in 1981, she was surrounded by burly male guards who kept eyes on her as they strained to hear the radio report of Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles. But when she visited again in July 2015 to chronicle women’s advancement programs, she found herself instead greeted by proud female entrepreneurs and mining workers. The women were part of De Beers’ Forevermark programs that support career training and development for women in the communities where it mines. It’s part of a larger sustainability focus aimed at “building forever”—that is, building up communities to be ... [Read More]

Jade Trau | Beyond a Forevermark Collaboration

You may know Jade Trau best from her collaboration with Forevermark, but this jewelry designer has an interesting and unique background that sets her apart from the rest. A New York native, Jade Lustig (Jade Trau) actually grew up in the diamond industry alongside her grandfather who worked everyday in the diamond district. She has seen the process firsthand of how to cut a diamond from rough form, giving her a special insight into knowing how to make a diamond sparkle inside and out. All this, combined with her love of fashion, has led Jade on a great journey as a jewelry designer.  She is a true embodiment of her work. Before moving full force with her namesake jewelry collection, Jade was working ... [Read More]

Forevermark Diamond Spotlight | Pursuit of Absolute Beauty

Forevermark diamonds are among the finest and the most beautiful diamonds in the world. This assurance comes from the Forevermark selection process which is so exacting and rigorous that less than 1% of the world's diamonds are even eligible to become a Forevermark diamond. While all diamonds are graded against the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, this standard form of assessment is not enough to guarantee the exquisite beauty of a Forevermark diamond. It only tells you part of the diamond's story. Forevermark goes beyond the 4Cs because they know that diamonds are as unique as snowflakes. By assessing diamonds with a number of other factors: the inherent quality of the original rough ... [Read More]

Pins of the Month: August All Stars

From following back-to-school trends to scoping out this coming Fall's fashions, August did not disappoint with oodles of pin-worthy pieces. The August All Stars can be described in one word: STACKED. No matter the bracelet, bangle, ring, choker, or necklace, it is obvious the higher the stack the better! Check out a few of our favorite stacked jewelry pieces…  ... [Read More]

Forevermark: Taking a Proactive Approach

At the recent Town & Country Philanthropy Summit, Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier spoke passionately about wildlife conservation, emphasizing the plight of the white rhino. We caught up with him after the event to find out more. Tell us why Forevermark places such importance on partnering with mining communities. Diamonds are a natural resource and, as a result, form part of the inherent wealth of the nations where they are sourced. That’s why it’s so important that we do all we can, as partners with government, to enable these countries to achieve the maximum benefit they can from this scarce resource. As long-term partners, we have been active in Botswana for over 50 years; we feel a ... [Read More]