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A Watch Collector’s Story

watch collector
A Watch Lover From An Early Age Have you ever had that feeling where you believed in something so much that when others said, “just wait, it’ll happen” or “patience is a virtue,” it made you feel like they were completely in the dark? Welcome to the life of a 6th grader in 1995 when the new Timex Ironman Triathlon Datalink landed and was going to revolutionize the way this student would ace science class! My parents and I argued for months about why I needed a $100 watch and what value this would bring over my trusty paper and pencil. Ultimately, my dad conceded after months of pestering, but he shared in my zest of technology and recognized I would use this watch to its max potential. The ... [Read More]

23rd Annual Watch Event | April 26-27

annual watch event
Join us at our 23rd Annual Watch Event on Friday, April 26, and Saturday, April 27. You will not find a better time to find the perfect watch for your timepiece collection. We will have the best selection and prices of the year for TWO days only. More than 1,600 watches will be available from nineteen of the most respected and well-known brands in the world including Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Longines, Michele, Montblanc, NOMOS Glashütte, Raymond Weil, Shinola, TAG Heuer, Tissot, Tudor, and Victorinox Swiss Army. 23rd ANNUAL WATCH EVENT Fashion Mall Commons (Indianapolis) and Greendale Centre (Greenwood) Friday, April 26: 10am – 7pm Saturday, April 27: 10am – 5pm We ... [Read More]

Breitling Premier Collection

breitling premier
Introducing an impressive #SquadOnAMission, the Breitling Cinema Squad. Three of the world's most distinguished actors - Brad Pitt, Adam Driver and Charlize Theron - make up the Breitling Cinema Squad, which expresses the style and elegance that defines the all-new Breitling Premier collection. PREMIER B01 CHRONOGRAPH 42 | STEEL - SILVER | $8,400 This elegant Premier B01 Chronograph features a 42 mm stainless steel case. Its eye-catching white dial is highlighted by contrasting black small seconds and 30-minute chronograph counters that indicate the Manufacture mechanical movement inside. A transparent sapphire caseback reveals a self-winding high-performance chronometer-certified chronograph ... [Read More]

Meters in Watchmaking | Understanding the Different Types

In the world of watchmaking, one term seems to continually recur: Meters. The word has multiple meanings, depending on how it is used. Here, we offer a quick and simple guide to the most popular uses of the word as it relates to timepieces. Meter: As a free-standing word, meters refers to depth. A watch is water resistant to a particular number of meters. There are approximately 3 feet to a meter, so a watch that is water resistant to 100 meters, for instance, is water resistant to almost 300 feet. Diameter: As with other facets of life, the diameter of a timepiece refers to its size from side to side. Tachymeter: This is generally a scale that, much like a car speedometer, allows for measuring ... [Read More]

Shock Resistance In Watches: What You Need To Know

shock resistance
As people lead more active lifestyles, shock resistance has to come into play with top watches. As such, certain watch brands are creating timepieces that are ever more resilient and can withstand the shock of being dropped or otherwise being subjected to outside forces. In order for a watch to be shock resistant, the movement, and particularly certain parts of it, must be protected. This includes the tiny pivots that hold the balance wheel in place. Generally, by using a spring suspension system for the balance wheel, watch brands can compensate for small shocks. If you hear that the watch is equipped with an Incabloc system, you can rest assured your watch can withstand shock. The Incabloc system ... [Read More]

Understanding the Difference Between Automatic and Hand-Winding Mechanical Watches

watch movements
Often we get questions from customers curious about understanding watch movements. Generally, they'd like to understand the difference between mechanical self-winding watches and hand-winding watches. Here, we explain the difference in simple terms... A mechanical watch is made of hundreds of tiny parts that work together without using batteries (as in quartz watches) or without use of solar power. The mechanical components power the watch and track the time (and often a lot more than just the time). Hand-Winding Mechanicals Essentially, a hand-wound — also sometimes referred to as a manual-wind watch — is a timepiece that has an inner movement that must be wound by the wearer on a regular ... [Read More]

Ceramic: The Perfect Watch Material for Summer

As more and more watch brands delve into the realm of high-tech materials for watch cases and bracelets, we are witnessing a host of wonderful new ceramic watches emerge on the market. However, not all ceramics are the same. High-tech engineered ceramic is one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials for watches. The cases and bracelets — as long as the watch is water resistant — can get wet without any impact, as the material is durable. As such, this is a great material for summertime watches because they can weather the elements and go the distance. Additionally, ceramic is a very lightweight material, so the watch doesn't feel heavy on the wrist. It also is temperature-resistant and ... [Read More]

Love Watches? Plan a Trip to NYC for WatchTime NY

love watches
For those who love watches, WatchTime New York is returning to Gotham Hall this fall for the fourth year in a row. On Friday, October 26, and all day Saturday, October 27, dozens of top watch brands will be showcasing their newest timepieces — some of which have never been seen in America. Billed as the largest consumer watch show in America, this public event will also feature panel discussions and informative presentations.   It is a paid admission, and best to sign up online, but it is definitely the place to be if you want access to industry experts, top designers and the watchmaking world. Among the brands currently slated to exhibit are Baume & Mercier, Bell & Ross, Breguet, ... [Read More]

Mechanical Watches | How Often Do They Need to Be Serviced?

mechanical watch
Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so, too, does your fine mechanical watch. Let's face it, it is comprised of hundreds of tiny mechanical parts, as well as lubricants that — if they get old, dry or sticky — can affect the way your watch performs. How often a watch should be serviced is the real question... and the answer varies depending on the age of the watch, the brand and the movement inside. Today's mechanical watches do not necessarily need servicing as often as older watches because today's haute horology watches often have silicon parts inside, or ceramic ball bearings or other components that reduce friction and wear and tear. Generally, we suggest that new watches be serviced ... [Read More]

Are the Rubies Inside Watch Movements Real Gemstones?

watch movement
One of the key questions we get from novice collectors when they read about watches and the technical specifications of watch movements is, "Are the rubies inside the watch real?" In fact, unless a new watch utilizes high-tech ceramic ball bearings in certain parts of a watch movement, all mechanical watch movements utilize synthetic gemstones as bearings instead of metal bearings that need oiling. The synthetic gems — typically rubies, but sometimes sapphires — eliminate the need for oiling and significantly reduce friction and wear and tear on the movement parts,  enhancing the life of the movement. Sometimes, those rubies are visible via a transparent sapphire caseback, or via a skeleton movement ... [Read More]