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All About Diamonds

Choosing your Diamond(s)

Reis-Nichols offers the largest selection of loose diamonds in the Midwest. With the right information, it's easy to determine the diamond qualities that are most important to you and that will allow you to stay within your budget.

Diamond Shape

When choosing a diamond shape, it is best to find out what she likes. There are many different shapes to suit any personality. The most traditional and still most popular shape is the round brilliant diamond. Princess cut has also gained tremendous popularity over the last several years.

Diamond Shapes

The Four Cs

Diamond Quality

“I don’t know the first thing about diamonds.” If this sounds familiar, keep calm. We are here to help! When you visit Reis-Nichols Jewelers, diamond experts will talk you through the important details, at your pace. Until then, here’s a quick overview.


Diamond Carat diagram

Bigger is better, right? It depends.

Carat is the “C” you are probably most familiar with. If you already have a carat weight in mind, great! Unsure? Visit us and take a look, of course, we carry diamonds in all sizes. A one-carat diamond is the most popular, and you will find the largest selection of one-carat diamonds at Reis-Nichols, at prices that can’t be beat.