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Custom Design

Why settle for something designed for the masses when you can have something made just for you?

Custom handmade jewelry is truly something extraordinary — and it doesn't have to cost any more than something that is mass produced. From a photo torn out of a magazine to your own rough sketch on a napkin, the custom jewelry design experts at Reis-Nichols can transform your dreams into reality with a beautiful custom piece made especially for you.

Update your favorite piece

From family heirlooms to creating a whole new piece you may already have in your jewelry box. Custom jewelry is special for so may reasons — it's a story all on its own.

Come visit us

Not every jewelry store offers truly customized jewelry, especially in a shop right inside the store. Reis-Nichols has a long history of custom jewelry design. Visit us today to transfor myour idea into beautiful custom-made jewelry, or talk with one of our experts to craft a vision together.

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Meet our Professional Jewelers

More than 100 years of combined experience


Andre, Master Jewelry Designer

Award-winning jewelry designer

Experience: 45 years, 36 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: hand sketching, hand fabrication, hard fire enameling, wax carving, mold making


Brent, AutoCAD Designer

Award-winning jewelry designer

Experience: 20 years as bench jeweler, 15 with AutoCAD, all with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: designing 3D computer models of jewelry from scratch


Rudy, Bench Jeweler, Lead Stone Setter

Experience: 34 years, 20 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: stone setting, polishing


Sharon, Master Jeweler

Experience: 30 years

Unique Skills: restoration, design, hand fabrication, casting, stone setting


Laura, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 15 years, 11 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: stone setting, work in platinum, pearl stringing


Nick, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 10 years, 7 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: engraving, casting, cleanup


Kimbir, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 30 years, 3 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: custom assembly, fabrication, repairs, setting, stone selection


Rebecca, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 36 years, 1 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: repairs of chains, rings, earrings, stone setting, polishing

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