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The most appealing characteristic of platinum is its durability. Platinum will last longer than other metals and requires less maintenance. Each time gold or silver is scratched or polished, a tiny bit of the metal is lost. This is not true of platinum, which is why platinum is recommended for engagement rings and wedding rings - pieces that are meant to be worn every day for years to come. Prongs and bands made of white gold and yellow gold may wear down enough that you need to have them reinforced with more metal for security. Platinum is more expensive, but is often worth the extra investment.

While it is the strongest of jewelry metals, it can scratch and develop a patina of wear. Many people prefer this look, unique to platinum. Most platinum jewelry is 95 percent pure platinum, and 5 percent iridium or palladium alloy.


Soaking platinum in a mild solution of soap and warm water and gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush is usually all that is required to maintain the metal's luster.