Here at Reis-Nichols, we hear a lot of…dare we 
say…interesting stories when we ask: “What happened to your ring?!” Trust us, we’ve likely seen it all… everything from dropping it down the garbage disposal to the dog eating it (and yes…man’s best friends love sparkly diamonds just as much as you do).  We know you ADORE your ring, but doing certain tasks with your ring on (and that really goes for any jewelry) can wear down the metal, causing stones to come loose, cracks in the metals, or even worse, your diamond to fall out. While we’re happy to repair anything that 
comes through our doors, we’d never want you to loose a diamond!! So, we thought you ladies (and gents) could use some tips on what not to do while wearing your rings. Here’s our Top 10:


  1. Working 
    It seems simple enough, and we know you want to keep from getting hit on at the gym, but…. just don’t do it! Especially with gold, a softer metal that can wear over time, gripping hand weights, bars and even the elliptical machine can crack or even break a band. Plus, sweat will dull your finish. Fitness is 
    important, but please try to remember to take your rings off before your sweat session 

    Nope, no jewelry here!

  2. Cleaning 
    the house/washing the dishes:
     House-hold cleaners and bleach are really rough on 
    gold and precious metals. Be sure to remove your “precious cargo” before 
    scrubbing the grout and you should be just fine. Rubber gloves are an ok alternative, just ensure your rings aren’t pressing on anything heavy, like the handle of a pan.
  3. Messy 
     So many things today are all about DIY, especially for your wedding, but stow the rings somewhere safe before you get started. The ingredients and final 
    product of craft-time can get in between diamonds and any other tiny openings 
    of your ring.
  4. Playing 
    sports or swimming:
     This is just as dangerous for your rings as 
    working out. Find a safe ring box to stow in your gym bag/locked locker. No one wants to see 
    their diamond ring fly across the floor or tennis court… or to the bottom of a lake! Swimming is also one of the worst… the chlorine (or salt water) is SO rough on your precious piece.

    She's in the know - with no ring!

  5. Moving 
    or lifting heavy furniture: 
    If you’re moving, and 
    you’ve already packed up the rest of your jewelry, why not add your rings to that box? This way you’ll know where to look while you’re unpacking and you 
    won’t have to worry about the damage that can occur while you’re trying to move 
    the couch into the living room or getting the box spring up the stairs.
  6. Doing Laundry: Now, we understand that laundry isn’t necessarily a heavy-duty job (for most) but we wanted to throw this in, just in case. Be 
    careful when loading & unloading the washing machine. You’d be surprised how easy it is 
    to whack your ring along the rim of 
    the drum or scrape it down the side while reaching for the wet clothes. You can 
    chip your diamond this way or cause damage to your mounting, especially if you 
    have a ring that holds your diamond up higher. Plus, you don’t want to accidentally snag it on clothes you love while folding.

    Take that ring off, friend!

  7. Gardening: We see it all the 
    time, especially with women who love to spend time in their flower
    beds. However, the dirty truth about gardening with your ring on is that the 
    dirt can get lodged in the smallest places and settle beneath your diamond, 
    making the whole set look dingy and dirty. The dirt and rocks can even scratch 
    up the ring itself. Wearing gardening gloves if you must, but we recommend you 
    leave your ring in the house altogether.

    It's ok to get dirty.... just leave your ring inside.

  8. Washing your hands/taking a shower: This is probably the biggest no-no! Water, soaps and chemicals in your cleansers will break your ring down over time. If your ring is prong-set, especially, the prongs can possibly thin out… and there is already little metal holding that beauty in place. Plus, as with the other items we’ve already discussed, soap and hard water make your ring dirtier rather than clean. Nobody wants to show off a ring that doesn’t sparkle beautifully!
  9. Putting on lotion: In follow-up to your cleaning routine, if you moisturize your hands just out of the shower or throughout the day, be 
    sure to take your rings off before slathering it on. The chemicals 
    in lotions can eat away at your gold and make your diamonds and metal look dirty, 
    especially if you let the lotion residue sit on your rings for a long time. 
    It’s an easy clean by a jeweler, but because of that breakdown over time, we still recommend you take them off 

    Yay! No ring here... for now!

  10. Sleeping: 
    Last, but not least, we highly recommend that you don’t sleep with your rings 
    on. You and your spouse could easily wake up with battle wounds. Not to mention 
    you can create a pretty nasty hole in the sheets if you catch the ring just 
    right. Putting your ring in a safe spot for the night will ensure a good 
    night’s rest of all parties involved. 
You love your ring, so do what you can to keep it in stellar condition forever! A closing reminder: always leave your jewelry in a safe, designated spot when you take it off… There’s nothing worse than frantically trying to find your ring when you think it’s lost. That safe spot should always be the same, where small children or pets can’t reach. The coffee table in the living room is no place for a cherished wedding set! Try a jewelry dish in a drawer, a valet tray at your desk or a jewelry box in your purse.


Should something happen, we’re always here to help get your ring back to it’s original fabulousness. But…. wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to go there in the first place?

March 26, 2015