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Directions: Where are you located?

We have 2 locations in Indianapolis, IN. Indianapolis and Greenwood.
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What are your store hours?

Weekdays Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5,
Weekdays Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5

Store hours can be found on our store locations page.

What is your return policy?

30 days with a receipt and no visible wear for in-stock merchandise. Some exclusions apply to special orders.

What is your warranty?

All watches are under warranty for 1 year through the manufacturer.

Lifetime Wedding Ring Diamond Protection Guarantee – we guarantee to replace your diamond if it is damaged or lost from its mounting through normal wear. We recommend insurance to cover theft and damage/loss situations. Maximum warranty coverage: $10,000

Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee – we guarantee our jewelry is free from defects in materials or craftsmanship for the life of the jewelry. We will replace or repair any purchase found to be defective at no cost to you.

All other items are covered for a maximum of 1 year.


How much is an appraisal? Is it done on-site? How long does it take?

Yes, our appraisals are done on-site. Please call for current appraisal pricing and lead time.

How often should my appraisal be updated?

Depending on the item and your insurance company’s requirements, we recommend every 3 to 5 years.

What do I do if I need an appraisal updated?

Call and speak with one of our associates. In certain situations, it is possible that we can update your appraisal over the phone and mail it to you. However, unique circumstances may require an appointment.

What do I do if I never received my new appraisal?

Call Reis-Nichols and speak with either guest services or your jewelry consultant. They will be happy to help provide you a new appraisal, or mail it to you.


Do you change watch batteries? How much? How long?


We change the watch batteries while you wait. We do not charge for the labor or battery.
Instead, we ask that you make a donation to our charity program.

Reis-Nichols distributes the money to selected charities throughout the year.

Do you carry Atmos clocks?

Yes, we typically have at least one Atmos clock in stock and we can special order them from Jeager LeCoultre, the exclusive manufacturer of Atmos clocks.

How do I tell if my Rolex is real?

Today’s technology poses special and unique problems for counterfeit and replica watches. In the last year we have seen more and more astonishingly well-done \“knock-off\” watches. With the aid of computers and sophisticated production and graphic arts techniques, even experts can be fooled.

First, make sure you purchase your fine timepiece, Rolex or any brand, from a retailer AUTHORIZED to sell that brand. That is the one way to insure that your purchase is authentic and fully warranteed by the manufacturer. Internet purchases will absolutely carry the risk of lack of authenticity and newness.

If you have any concern that a watch you own or may be considering for purchase is genuine, bring it in so that our Rolex Certified watchmakers can examine it. They will be able to help determine authenticity.

Do you service Rolex watches? How much? How long?

Yes, we are a Rolex authorized service center. Three of our watchmakers are certified Rolex Master Watchmakers, trained by Rolex. All work is done to Rolex factory standards and done on the premises in our state of the art service facility using only genuine Rolex parts.

Most services are completed in four weeks; some older watches or watches needing special replacement parts may take longer. Price will depend on metal (stainless steel, steel and gold or precious metal, i.e. gold or platinum).Some complicated watches e.g., chronographs are more costly than the standard Rolex automatic. A firm estimate can be provided when the watch is brought to us.

The full service includes a complete movement overhaul and cleaning, regulation of the timekeeping as closely as possible to Rolex factory standards and complete case and bracelet refinishing as close to original finish as can be done.

Should I buy a watch winder for my self-winding watch, or is that necessary?

Because each watch is different, there may be pros and cons when using a watch winder. Because of the care needed in such circumstances, please feel free to consult with some of our watch experts (Call our Indianapolis location at(317) 808-3920or our Greenwood location at(317) 883-4467.) If you do find that a watch winder suits your watch or collection well, we do offer a selection of winders in various styles and finishes in our stores.


Do you do repairs on items not purchased from Reis-Nichols?

Yes. We work on any piece of jewelry or watch regardless of where it was purchased.

Do you do your repairs in-house?

Yes, we service most items in our shop. However, certain designer items may be sent back to the vendor if deemed necessary. Your jewelry consultant will be able to assist you with any repairs you may have.

Do you do engraving? How much is it?

We do engraving on site.

  • Ring and watch engraving starts at $25.
  • Engraving on a watch purchased at Reis-Nichols is complimentary.
  • Engraving on a watch not purchased at Reis-Nichols is $35.

All other engraving will require a consultation with a jewelry consultant for pricing.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we use Wells Fargo and have 6 and 12 month, plus other options. Your jewelry consultant can work with you to find the best terms for you. See details on our Jewelry and Engagement financing pages.

Shop before you apply.

While other jewelry stores may urge you to go ahead and apply for financing - either online or in the store - before you've even found your ring, we don't engage in that practice, and here's why. Applying for credit can tie up your credit line. If that happens, and you don't find your perfect ring at that jewelry store, but you DO find it elsewhere, you may not be approved when you find the ring of your dreams.

Do you buy back jewelry for cash?

We do buy back jewelry for cash and no appointment is necessary, stop in our store at your convenience with your unwanted items. We have American Gem Society certified gemologists on staff, qualified to offer you top dollar for your items.

Can I trade-in jewelry that I didn't buy there?

You can trade-in jewelry that you did not purchase from Reis-Nichols. We have American Gem Society certified gemologists on staff, qualified to offer you top dollar , on the spot, for your trade-ins.

What is your trade-in policy?

Trade-ins on diamonds not purchased from Reis-Nichols are accepted on a case by case basis. If you purchased your diamond from Reis-Nichols, we offer you the credit value of your full purchase price against another diamond or item of greater value.

Do you buy colored gemstones?

No. However, our on-site gemologist may be able to refer you to someone who does.

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