A Guide to Unique Engagement Rings

My parents got engaged in the 1980s and my mom always says that she can tell when other people got engaged around the same time as her. Why? Because everyone has the same style of engagement ring. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a simple, classic ring, many people today are opting for more unique styles that stand out from the crowd. With the rise of social media and more advanced jewelry-making techniques, unique engagement rings that show off the wearer’s style are having their day in the sun.

How Can I Make My Diamond Look More Unique?

One of the easiest ways to step up the individuality of your ring is to play with the diamond shape and scale. Fancy shape diamond rings are still considered timeless. A fancy shape diamond is any shape that isn’t round, including but not limited to emerald cut, pear shape, oval, and princess cut diamonds. Opting for a fancy shape diamond instead of a round can set your ring apart from the classic round solitaire diamond, but not create something too “out there” that it can’t be worn for decades to come.

Have you fallen in love with multiple diamond shapes and can’t decide between them? Have no fear! Two-stone and cluster diamond engagement rings are chic as ever and are certain to catch every eye in the room. Two-stone engagement rings, often called “toi et moi“, which translates to “you and me” in French, show two stones set side by side instead of one. They’re often worn as a beautiful physical representation of the two souls in love. They can be designed with either two different stone shapes, with a diamond and a colored gemstone, or with two gemstones.

How Can I Set My Diamond in a Unique Way?

Perhaps you’re looking for a bit more intrigue not with the diamond itself, but with how it’s set in the band of your engagement ring. Consider having your diamond set east-west. This look is achieved when fancy shape diamonds are set horizontally, with the elongated side of the stone perpendicular to the wearer’s arm. This look is particularly flattering when the stone is bezel set, with a ring of gold or platinum encircling the stone. It’s a fresh and updated alternative to a simple solitaire diamond setting. Another exciting way to showcase your diamond is with a reverse halo. Like a typical halo, a reverse halo is a circle of small diamonds, but these are showcased underneath the diamond rather than around it. A reverse halo is an exciting and distinct surprise to elevate your engagement ring.

Can I Use Alternative Stones?

Colored gemstone rings have been around almost since the beginning of recorded time with a few design tweaks here and there, of course. This is because colored stones have a unique beauty and classic elegance that fits perfectly in an engagement ring. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies comprise the category of precious gemstones. These are typically the most utilized stones in color engagement rings. Semi-precious gemstones, including opal, topaz, and tanzanite, are also beautiful choices, but be warned: these stones are a bit softer than precious gemstones and may have a higher risk of damage with everyday wear. However, they can absolutely still shine in an engagement ring with proper care and cleaning.

Diamonds or colored stones, not your thing? No problem. A salt and pepper diamond may be the choice for you. Salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds with inclusions that make the stone appear black and white. This means that no two salt and pepper diamonds are the same, as some can be dark and some can be clear, but all are breathtaking. These stones also frequently come in unexpected cuts not typically seen in white diamonds, like kite shape and hexagonal.

Can I Create a Custom Ring?

Have a design idea in your head or see a picture of something you like but want to make a few tweaks? Maybe the band is too thick, or you want a different stone, or maybe it needs more diamonds! (What ring doesn’t need more diamonds, right?) Custom design is the perfect way to make sure your ring has exactly what you want, whether it’s a minimal design or an intricate one.

Reis-Nichols has an award-winning jewelry shop with decades of collective experience. Our jewelers can take your ideas and manifest them into the ring of your dreams, from a simple sketch on paper, to a 3D CAD rendering, to a rough wax mold, to a fully realized stunner of a ring. Absolutely no one will have a ring exactly like yours if you design it yourself from start to finish. And what an exciting story to tell for years to come, indeed.

Unique engagement rings are becoming more popular giving couples an opportunity to make a one-of-a-kind creation. An engagement ring symbolizes a vow of eternal love and can be one of the most special pieces of jewelry a person owns. Whether you’re looking for a ring with a few personal touches or you want something that’s never been seen before, there’s a ring out there to fit your style perfectly and there’s no doubt that you will cherish your ring far into the future.