Charmed Forever Permanent Bracelets

Indiana’s first permanent jewelry option! Our Charmed Forever bracelets are your newest everyday accessory. A dainty chain of 14k solid gold permanently welded onto your wrist as a bracelet—no clasps, no maintenance, and the perfect fit. Personalize yours during your event appointment with our selection of solid gold and gemstone charms.

Next Pop-Up Dates

October 12 – Greenwood
4-6 PM

Charm & Chain Availability and Pricing Information

Charm & Chain options for Charmed Forever permanent bracelet jewelry at Reis-Nichols Jewelers
Chains: $150-$450
Charms: $65-$250

Please note that all services are final.

*Not recommended for those with a 14K gold sensitivity or those who have a pacemaker.

**Charm availability at each pop up may be different than the options shown in picture below. Limited quantities of each charm.

**Must be 10+ years old, minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

Charmed Forever Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is permanent jewelry?

A. Our trained bench jewelers will weld a custom-fit chain bracelet onto your wrist using a quick and simple process. The bracelet is claspless and because it is a custom-fit, it will “permanently” stay on until you decide to remove it.

Q. Does the process hurt?

A. Not at all! There is a flash during the welding process but it is painless.

Q. How long will the Charmed Forever bracelet last?

A. This answer depends on the type of permanent jewelry chain you choose, your day-to-day activities, your profession, and other potential external factors.

Q. What happens if the bracelet breaks or stretches?

A. If your bracelet gets caught on something and breaks or stretches, put it in a safe place and contact us for a repair. The first repair is free up to a year. Any repairs after will be $30 (plus tax) for each repair session. Additional charges may apply if the chain or charms are severely damaged. Repairs are done via appointment only.

Q. Do you offer any other metals besides yellow gold?

A. At this time, we only offer permanent bracelets in 14K solid yellow gold.

Q. Can I get an anklet instead of a bracelet?

A. At this time, we are only offering permanent bracelets for the wrist.

Q. Should I buy the bracelet in advance?

A. No, all bracelet and charm purchases will be made during the service. You can make your preferred charm and chain choices when you book an event appointment.

Q. What if I need to remove the bracelet?

A. If you need to remove the bracelet for any reason, we recommend carefully cutting the chain with scissors or visit us at any time and we will remove it for you. If you wish to get it welded back on at a later date, book an appointment to bring it back to us and we can do this for a small fee ($30 + tax). 

Q. Will this jewelry piece be an issue when going through airport security?

A. Nope! Travelers wearing real gold jewelry are able to pass through security without issue.

Q. Will I need to take the bracelet off for certain medical procedures?

A. Yes, if you’re getting something like an MRI scan then you will need to remove your jewelry. 

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