Autumn Aesthetic:
Fall Fashion Guide 2023

As the season changes from sunny summertime to cool, crisp autumn, we've got to switch some things up for more reasons than just the weather! 🍂 We're all in our Fall feelings with the possibilities that come along with autumnal attire. See which style fits your mood best this season—are you a moody Dark Academic or prefer to be more comfy and cozy? Check out our curated looks for you to match your aesthetic in both jewelry and clothing!

Sweater Weather

For the calm, cool, and collected. You like to keep it casual while still maintaining a cohesive style. White gold staples are your go-to, but we suggest shaking it up with some fancy shape diamonds. You ready to embrace the cold days ahead with a fashion-forward, and layered style. 

Dark Academia

If spooky vibes speak to your soul, this style is the one for you. Moody browns and blues pair perfectly with warm, rose gold tones. A deep, warm color palette matched with a refined intellectual aire are the building blocks for the Dark Academia aesthetic.


Snuggle up in a soft set and turn on your favorite Fall flick—you’re always down for a weekend at home. Dainty pearls with yellow gold are perfect for cozying up in your favorite corner. The Cozycore vibe is perfect when you're in the mood for casual and comfortable attire. 

Weekend Warrior

The best time of the year (in your humble opinion) is finally here! Layers are what you gravitate towards—whether that be clothing or jewelry! Stack necklaces and bracelets to create an enviable seasonal ensemble. These picks are versatile and complement your style anywhere the weekend takes you. 

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