John Hardy has presented the first collection under new Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden: the re-interpretation of the brand’s legendary icon Naga.


John Hardy’s Naga Collection is based on a powerful story of love and protection. The Naga dragon lives alone on the Tiga Gunung volcanoes, but his one true love, the pearl, lives in the sea. At Twilight, the dragon dives into the sea to visit and kiss the pearl. On his way back to the volcanoes his wet scales send water upon the rice fields, making the soil fertile and rich.

john hardy naga collection

The John Hardy Naga Dragon was first introduced in 2008 as the jewelry designer’s first figurative piece. Black woven leather, silver and precious 18K gold, and beautiful scale-like patterns have been used to create bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. The results are abstract and figurative interpretations of the revered dragon. Pieces that feature the dragon can be worn facing inward to bestow love and abundance, or outward for protection.

Naga: A Legend Reborn ignites raw power with the creative force of Naga. Elemental force meets elegant form in a dynamic collection of depth, contrast, and momentum. The dragon rises again to rewrite its legend in metal and stone and the status of this mythical creature and his beloved pearl is elevated with the natural lush golden hues of Lombok’s rare pearls.

“There is a fundamental respect for nature’s balance throughout the collection. The cycle of life is key to the Naga story, and is evident through the use of tapered circles, illustrating infinite motion and emotion and a sense of rebirth. The Naga’s Blue sapphire eyes bring the spirit of the sky and ocean to life, and scroll-like engravings represent the waves of the sea. Shapes in the bracelet links resemble leaves.”

This collection is perfect for those already collectors of Naga or customers looking for jewelry with powerful symbolism. 

john hardy naga dragon collection