Ring Trends: Mix Up Your Stack Style

From dainty to kitschy, understated to maximalist, rings are having a major moment. The right ring (or rings!) can give an outfit that extra oomph it needs to take it to the next level. And what’s more fun than actually being able to see and appreciate your perfectly curated hand candy whenever you want? No mirror required to lavish in these luxurious beauties.

How to Create Your Ring Style

Curating your ideal ring look is much simpler than it seems. Consider this: what styles draw you in? What gets you excited? Mixing styles and stacking rings creates a personalized look unique to your tastes. Don’t be afraid to maximize on your real estate, either. Ten fingers mean lots of room for accessories! Mixed ring stacks are very in right now. If you’re feeling a little wary about diving right in to the trend, try starting with one or two rings that you absolutely love and add more as you get comfortable.

There’s truly no limit to how we can play with rings to elevate our looks. They’re the perfect gateway to trying something new—maybe a color, trend, or statement—because we get to wear as many or as few rings as we fell necessary to convey our desired look.

What’s Trending for Fashion Rings?

Mixing Color

Rings are one of the more unique pieces of jewelry that give us copious opportunities to express our personal styles. Tis the season of “more is more,” since mixing colors and metals is wonderfully on trend right now. Two-tone and mixed metal rings conveniently allow us to incorporate multiple pieces without worrying about whether they match perfectly. Silver can be worn with rose, and yellow and white gold marry perfectly for a bold and versatile look.

Metal color isn’t the only route available for a bit of mix and match. Color is back in a big way and bright, candy-colored enamel and precious gemstones worn together create an exciting party on your hands. Eye-catching hues can be especially amplified when seen on a cocktail ring, which is a large, overstated ring typically featuring a colored stone or intricate design. Colored precious gemstones not your thing? No problem. Yellow and pink diamonds are a stunning way to incorporate color while staying loyal to a girl’s best friend.


Big and bold chain necklaces are everywhere, but why should your neck have all the fun? Chain link and woven texture rings are cropping up as a complement to this fun trend. Incorporating various textures is an easy way to create interest in your ring look, whether it be a classic curb chain or something more unique like a mariner or carved style.

Mixing Stone Shapes

While the round diamond has been, and continues to be, the most popular diamond cut, there are plenty of other gorgeous diamond cuts to be worn and loved, like oval, pear-shape, and marquise. Pairing two or more diamond cuts on a single ring creates a distinct look, while still being accessible. This can be achieved with an on-trend two-stone ring or a multi-cut diamond band.


Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your ring look is entirely your own is with personalized touches like monograms and birthstones. Signet rings, a tapered ring typically worn on the pinky, frequently feature engravings like initials, small symbols, pictures, or even a cherished date to remember. However, signet rings can also be adorned with diamonds or other gemstones to ensure they really make a statement.

Birthstone rings are also a fun and colorful way to honor yourself or the people you love. From January’s garnet to December’s blue topaz, Reis-Nichols has every type of gemstone available for you to create an individualized ring look that reminds you of your loved ones. Stacking multiple birthstone rings on a single finger is a fun and chic way to jump on this colorful trend. No matter which gemstones are utilized, they’re sure to be a beautiful, distinct jewelry look that’s just for you.

Do you have a ring you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Throw it on with the rest of your everyday accessories. There’s no time like the present—the special occasion is today!