Sister, Sister: One-of-a-Kind Diamond Studs

De Beer’s Forevermark redefines exceptional with these one-of-a-kind diamond studs. Diamond studs are timeless pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime (or more!) as they are passed down from generation to generation. But what happens before they arrive in our store? Read on to find out!

Origins of Perfection

The original diamond from which these incredible studs were formed was discovered in 2020. These studs are particularly special because each stone was cut from the same 14.32-carat rough diamond! The true exceptionalism of this pair would only be fully revealed in the weeks to come.

Making the Cut

Cutting and polishing a rough diamond of this quality is an art form left only to some of the world’s most prolific master diamond cutters. The skills and techniques have been handed down throughout history, resulting in the trained eye of the diamantaire who foresaw this diamond’s true potential. 
Only a select number of diamonds are chosen each year to be a part of De Beers Forevermark’s Exceptional Diamond Collection. These diamonds are kept separate from others from the moment of discovery—their carat weight and beauty setting them apart. 

To make a diamond “Exceptional”, it must be at least three carats in weight. For this particular pair of studs, at least five craftsmen worked several hours to bring these two diamonds to their current 4.01 and 4.02 polished carat weights, respectively.

The Exceptional Evaluation

The diamonds are sent to Antwerp, Belgium—the home of the legendary Diamond District. The District is known as the global center for diamond trading since the industry’s earliest days. Home to the De Beers Institute of Diamonds, this center uses De Beers Forevermark’s proprietary technology to individually select diamonds against strict criteria to ensure that only the best of the best are chosen in an 18-step evaluation process.

First, the diamond’s papers are checked to establish where they were found and cut and who they were found and cut by. Then, the diamond is examined to ensure all physical qualities of the diamond are natural. The diamonds were then graded on polish, symmetry, color, and clarity—and became two of the few who passed this rigorous evaluation. After this, the sisters were then awarded Exceptional status.

Diamonds Are (Yours) Forever

After being deemed worthy of inclusion into the Exceptional Diamond Collection, the next step for the diamonds was the creation of the inscription, which includes the De Beers Forevermark icon and a unique identification number inscribed on the table of each diamond. This identifier promises that the diamond is genuine, responsibly sourced, and natural while also including information on the year of discovery, original rough carat weight, and the final polished carat weight. Each stud is inscribed with its own number that distinguishes it from all other diamonds in existence, making each earring entirely unique.

Something interesting to note is that this diamond twosome was originally meant to be nearly identical solitaire diamond engagement rings, but Reis-Nichols Senior Jewelry Consultant Andrew Pyke thought they would be even more spectacular as a pair of diamond stud earrings! This one-of-a-kind pair of sister martini studs weigh in at a whopping 8.04 carats in total and are H-I in color with a VS1 clarity, making them some of the most exquisite diamonds we’ve ever had in our case. Each diamond comes with a bespoke book that documents key milestones and photography of the diamond’s journey from formation to now. Discover them now at Reis-Nichols.