Turquoise Is Back and Better Than Ever

Being stuck inside during this quarantine period has its ups and downs, and one of the major ups is extra time for online shopping. (The jury’s still out about whether the amount of chocolate I’ve consumed counts as an up or a down.) Even though we can’t enjoy the nicer weather while sipping Bloody Marys at our favorite outdoor brunch spots or lounging poolside, we can celebrate it by coveting one of jewelry’s best and brightest to add a pop of springtime to our lives.

Turquoise is one of those heritage pieces that’s been around for ages and has faded in and out of fashion for centuries. Luckily for this semi-precious gemstone, it’s having its day in the sun once again.

A Stone that Withstands the Test of Time

Long associated with ancient talismans and traditional Native American jewelry, turquoise has gathered fame from every corner of the earth. The properties of the stone itself are said to offer power, luck, and protection, which makes it a spiritual powerhouse. The opaque brightness of turquoise has long offered a reliable and enduring force that has been utilized across many cultures, many lifestyles, and through many time periods.

In modern times, turquoise jewelry probably elicits images of the American South and Southwest. I, for one, remember a visit to Gatlinburg with my family as a child and desperately yearning for one of the magnificently ornate handmade turquoise necklaces I had seen in practically every shop window. Alas, me being a 12-year-old with about $30 to my name, it would be many years before I could afford something so “exotic” to my native Indiana fashion sense.

Much of this is to do with the inspiration from Native artisans and heritage. The homage to the first people of our nation has been quite enduring, and it has been a strong enough look on its own to bleed into other facets of design as time progresses.

Scene-Stealing and Versatile

Because turquoise is a semi-precious gemstone, it’s typically more affordable than precious gemstones, yet just as unique and beautiful, making it the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or graduation. And since yellow gold is also back in a big way, it provides a fresh vessel in which to mount this beautiful blue-hued stone. Traditionally showcased in silver or white gold, yellow gold gives turquoise jewelry a new and modern twist.

Although it’s beautiful on its own as the focal point, if you’re looking for something a bit more glam, turquoise is also incredibly striking when paired with white or champagne diamonds and other colored gemstones. Its ability to flip-flop between superstar or supporting character makes it one of the more versatile stones in the jewelry repertoire.

Turquoise paired with rainbow-hued gemstones will have you falling head-over-heels in love. Dainty turquoise charm necklaces look divine layered against a slew of curb link chains. Or, you can eschew the stone altogether and opt for turquoise enamel studded with diamonds. The possibilities are endless, but whatever you do, be sure not to forgo this eye-catching accessory for the summer. We promise it’ll steal your heart.

See some of our favorite turquoise pieces below:

Marco Bicego Africa Boules Long Turquoise Pendant

David Yurman Chatelaine Drop Earrings in 18K Gold with Turquoise and Diamonds

Anne Sportun Wrap Turquoise Beaded Bracelet


About the Author

Merchandising Coordinator, Anna Brookie, is back to detail one of the season’s biggest trends in stone: turquoise. Read on to discover a brief history of this semi-precious gemstone and learn how to style it with your preexisting apparel and jewelry collections.

May 06, 2020