Why I Love David Yurman

Iconic. Classic. Versatile. These are just a few of the words I’d use to describe David Yurman. Nicole Williams here, taking over the Reis-Nichols Jewelers blog today as we prepare for our David Yurman Fall Collection Show today and tomorrow! Yurman is my favorite designer for many reasons and I want to share with you why I adore his style.

So, what’s so great about David Yurman, you ask? You’ll see his designs work for every occasion—casual to corporate chic to cocktail. He’s a classic American designer with a classic American sensibility. His styles are always new and always relevant, but they never go out of style.

Better yet, did you know that most of David Yurman’s products are made right here in America? He keeps his family close, too. Both his wife, Sybil (his inspiration!), and son, Evan, are involved with the business. (Oh, and my son’s name is Evan, so clearly Mr. Yurman & I are connected!) Evan works on much of the men’s line, as well as timepieces.

Timepieces! How could I forget those? David Yurman creates classic Swiss timepieces, too. The 38mm stacks perfectly with a link bracelet. And yes, these watches are Swiss-made in Switzerland, and as always, they are created with some American sensibility, too.

For the quality craftsmanship of all David Yurman pieces, the price points are great as well. Want to see a few more of my favorites? Check them out below:


American-Made In Both Craftsmanship & Relationships