WOLF DESIGNS Regent 12 Piece Watch Winding Cabinet

Matte zebra and matte black Wolf Designs 12 Piece Cabinet winder. The Regent is a multi-functional lockable 12-unit watch winding system with storage that safely and securely winds your timepiece collection. The cabinet is composed of a zebra-wood exterior with tempered glass doors and 3 digit combination code lock. The frame can be easily wall mounted with hardware provide or as a stand alone unit. A bottom storage drawer will house additional items with individual watch compartments, a jewelry insert and triple travel watch roll for transport of 3 watches. Lined with a soft anti-tarnish treated LusterLoc™ ultrasuede interior, your watches will be safe from scratches and easily viewable by LED lighting. Large removable watch support cuffs will accommodate watches up to 52mm in size with on/off power indicator lights. Programmable via Bluetooth technology by your android or iPhone device. Designed by WOLF.

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