Precious Metals

Not all that glitters is gold—sometimes it’s silver, platinum or titanium! When it comes to jewelry, the metals surrounding your favorite gems can enhance the look of each piece. Learn about the different types of metals below to see which is right for your next purchase or custom piece.


Known for its durability, platinum pieces are perfect for everyday wear. This rare metal maintains its luminosity forever and will never tarnish or become discolored.


Available in white, yellow, and rose hues, gold doesn’t tarnish or rust over time. Gold is also known for its workability, making it ideal for jewelry creation.

Sterling Silver

This mixture of fine silver and other metals creates a strong, resilient base for jewelry. It can tarnish over time, but our stores specialize in servicing your stunning silver pieces.

Alternative Metals

Alternative metals like titanium, tungsten, cobalt and others are gaining popularity and may offer a unique and stylish option for those seeking a modern and edgy look.

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