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In-House Manufacturing - From Our Artisans' Hands... to Yours

In-house manufacturing.  From our artisians' yours.

It takes several artisans, each with their own unique skill, to create a single piece of jewelry.

However, not all jewelry design and manufacturing shops are created equal. In fact, many jewelers don't have a shop at all. The hands behind our jewelry are reflections of the labor-intensive process involved in creating or restoring small and intricate works of art right here in our own store. From a vision or sketch to a wax mold, and then to setting every precious stone, the entire process is done by our own artisans within our Indianapolis and Greenwood stores. Family owned and operated right here in Indianapolis since 1919, we are respected for having one of the most progressive design and manufacturing shops in the country.

Our shop over time.
Experience you have counted on since 1919

Meet Our Jewelers


Andre, Master Jewelry Designer

Award-winning jewelry designer

Experience: 46 years, 37 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: hand sketching, hand fabrication, hard fire enameling, wax carving, mold making


Brent, AutoCAD Designer

Award-winning jewelry designer

Experience: 21 years as bench jeweler, 16 with AutoCAD, all with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: designing 3D computer models of jewelry from scratch


Rudy, Bench Jeweler, Lead Stone Setter

Experience: 35 years, 21 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: stone setting, polishing


Sharon, Master Jeweler

Experience: 31 years, 1 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: restoration, design, hand fabrication, casting, stone setting


Laura, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 16 years, 12 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: stone setting, work in platinum, pearl stringing


Nick, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 11 years, 8 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: engraving, casting, cleanup


Kimbir, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 31 years, 4 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: custom assembly, fabrication, repairs, setting, stone selection


Rebecca, Bench Jeweler

Experience: 37 years, 2 with Reis-Nichols

Unique Skills: repairs of chains, rings, earrings, stone setting, polishing