A unique twist on the classic tennis bracelet, add-a-diamond bracelets are hand-crafted by the experts in our very own jewelry shop, especially for you. Choose your favorite style, then add diamonds to grow your bracelet over time and symbolize cherished moments in your life.

Add-a-diamond Bracelet

These bracelets make great gifts for weddings, graduation, a first Mother’s Day, or a birthday.  Each time the wearer reaches a  life milestone – everything from earning a degree to giving birth – a new diamond can be added.  Add-a-Diamond bracelets are designed to be beautiful, wearable pieces from the start, that become even more stunning over time, as more diamonds are added.

An Add-a-Diamond bracelet is a gift that the wearer can cherish for years to come.  Because the bracelet is a representation of the important moments in the wearer’s life, it is sure to be a piece that is worn often.  The bracelet will also make a great family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Add-A-Diamond Bracelet Hexagon Setting

While we do have bracelets already stocked, we can also custom design them.  Our team of experienced jewelry designers work right here in our store and can assist you in the design process from a beginning sketch all the way to a finished gift.

Stop in either store location to learn more about add-a-diamond bracelets and shop our selection.

April 12, 2016