In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Tank watch, Cartier unveiled 13 new styles inspired by this iconic timepiece. Each of the new iterations is based off of Tank watches from different timeframes in Cartier history. In typical Cartier style, these watches are made of noble metals and incorporate stunning diamonds and luxurious leather straps.

Cartier Tank Louis Cartier, small model, rhodium-finish white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Mechanical movement with manual winding – 8971 MC.

Created in 1917 by Louis Cartier, who was inspired by the Renault tanks on the Western Front, the Cartier Tank watch features lines and proportions similar to those of the tanks found on the First World War battlefields. The original prototype watch was first presented by Cartier to General John Pershing and entered into full production in 1919 in a limited number of six pieces. Defining features of the Tank watch include a bold Roman numeral dial, a chemin de fer chapter ring, sword-shaped blue steel hands and a sapphire cabochon mounted crown. The strap is seamlessly integrated into vertical sidebars called “brancards.” This symbolic style has been revolutionized and revamped throughout the years – taking on a new aura with each new edition.

Cartier celebrates 100 years of the Tank with new watches, including this Tank Louis Cartier, small model, pink gold. Mechanical movement with manual winding – 8971 MC.


Within this new line, Cartier achieved many firsts for the brand. The re-envisioned 1922 Tank Louis Cartier, is transformed into a delicate women’s watch. Available in white or pink gold, the timepiece features brancards encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds. This new 1922 Tank Louis Cartier is equipped with the  8971 MC mechanical movement — marking the first time Cartier has offered the Tank Louis Cartier with a rose gold case and mechanical movement.

This year marks the first offering of the Cartier Tank Américaine in steel with a unique blue strap.

The Tank Americaine, originally designed in 1987, is also  re-imagined in a more compact rectangular case with rounded brancards. This is the first time Cartier has incorporated steel and a unique blue strap for the Tank Americaine. The watch features a mechanical automatic winding movement.

The 100th anniversary of the Cartier Tank also marks the first time the brand is releasing the Tank Francaise in steel with diamonds.

In a nod to the much-loved 1996 Tank Française, Cartier unveils a new version with classic metal bracelet and beveled brancards set with brilliant cut diamonds. Powered by a quartz movement, this new watch represents  the first time Cartier has offered the Tank Française in a steel case with diamonds.

The new Cartier Tank Cintree Skeleton watch. Tank Cintrée squelette, in rose gold with mechanical movement with manual winding – 9917 MC. Limited edition of pieces.

The new Tank Cintree Skeleton features a transparent design that displays the chemin de fer, overlapping gears, and a mechanical movement with manual winding, caliber 9917. The timepiece is available in pink gold or platinum in a limited edition of 100 pieces each.

Conceived like works of art, these timepieces marry past and present. Each of the models is available in varying sizes to ensure the perfect fit for any wearer. Through a combination of fine watchmaking and upscale aesthetics, the new Cartier Tank watches offer  a bold yet elegant design and are a  great gift option for the holidays.

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January 24, 2018