Celebrate the Gems in Your Life: Guide to Birthstones & Anniversary Gemstones

Are you at a loss for gift ideas when it comes to birthdays or wedding anniversaries? The world of gemstones offers infinite inspiration and more importantly, meaning. Birthstone jewelry is a charming idea to represent we each have a special gem associated with the month we were born, and it helps us celebrate our birthdays all year long. Just like birthday months, every year has a specific metal or gemstone attached to it as well. You’ve probably heard of the silver anniversary or the gold anniversary marking the big ones of 25 and 50. After all, while there isn’t a definitive list of anniversary gems almost every marriage starts out with an engagement ring–gemstone jewelry is just a natural anniversary gift. We have the ultimate guide to birthstones and anniversary gemstones perfect for celebrating the ‘gems’ in your life.


Garnet – January Birthstone & 2nd Anniversary Gemstone

For our first-of-the-year January babies and those honoring a 2nd year anniversary, the garnet is the perfect gem to symbolize peace, prosperity, and good health. Some believe the stone e has the power to give the wearer eternal happiness, health, and wealth.
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Amethyst – February Birthstone & 6th/17th Anniversary Gemstone

February is often a cold, dark, and short month for many around the world, so the amethyst makes the right gem to bring some color and warmth to a birthday. It is often associated with qualities of peace, courage, and stability. There are no better three words to embody making it to 6 or even better 17 years of marriage.


Aquamarine – March Birthstone & 19th Anniversary Gemstone

February is often a cold, dark, and short month for many around the world, so the amethyst makes the right gem to bring some color and warmth to a birthday. It is often associated with qualities of peace, courage, and stability. There are no better three words to embody making it to 6 or even better 17 years of marriage.


Diamond – April Birthstone & 60th/75th Anniversary Gemstone

For this month, diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. Those fortunate enough to be born in April, the most prized gemstone of all is theirs. It makes sense why this gem is also reserved for the big 60th and 75th anniversaries.
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Emerald – May Birthstone & 12th/35th Anniversary Gemstone

Falling right in the heart of Spring, the emerald is sure to make any birthday girl feel rich and famous. It is often the go-to choice for celebrities accessorizing for a big event. With its brilliant green color, there’s no surprise here that the emerald was once the favorite gift between lovers and is still the gem of choice for both the 12th and 35th anniversaries.
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Pearl – June Birthstone & 3rd/13th/55th Anniversary Gemstone

Historically speaking, the pearl has been the most used adornment and they were one of the Romans’ favorite gems. Today, it is representative of June’s birthstone and three anniversary years; 3rd, 13th, and 55th. As with most gems, the pearl offers health benefits to its wearers and is known for aiding in purity, charity, integrity, truth, and loyalty.

Alexandrite & Moonstone – June Secondary Birthstones


Ruby – July Birthstone & 15th/40th Anniversary Gemstone

Ruby is the king, or should we say queen, of precious gems! Symbolic of the passion and energy associated with the color red, the vibrant ruby is said to bring love and success. You can’t ask for more when gifting this gemstone as a birthday present or anniversary surprise for 15 and 40 years of unconditional love.


Peridot – August Birthstone & 15th Anniversary Gemstone

According to the GIA, peridot has always been associated with light. In fact, the Egyptians called it the gem of the sun. It is said the peridot symbolizes strength, which we believe captures the sentiment of making it to the milestone of a 15th anniversary. When presented as a gift, like a birthday present, it is said to bring the wearer magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares. Many also believe the peridot instills power and influence.


Sapphire – September Birthstone & 5th/45th Anniversary Gemstone

Wisdom, loyalty, and nobility; remind you of your special someone? September’s birthstone, the sapphire, is said to focus the mind, encourage self-discipline, and channel higher powers. This lovely gem gives you a full spectrum of options when choosing the shade of sapphire that best represents your birthday girl or the love of your life for 5 and 45 years of marriage. When people say “sapphire,” they are usually referring to the royal blue variety of this gem, though.


Opal & Tourmaline – October Birthstones & 8th Anniversary Gemstones

Lucky October celebrators and those entering the 8th year of marriage get to choose between two gems to represent their birthstone or anniversary gemstone–tourmaline and opal. Each gem unveils nearly limitless possibilities, as each one comes in a rainbow of shades and color combinations. You are sure to walk away with something to suit anyone’s personal taste.


Topaz & Citrine – November Birthstones & 4th/23rd Anniversary Gemstones

November babies and couples toasting either their 4th or 23rd year of bliss are another blessed groups of having two gems to choose from. Topaz or citrine are both are sure to brighten up this chilly month. These gems are best known for their calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to the wearer. Better yet, both are fairly abundant and affordably priced, even in large sizes, which means everyone can find a way to fit topaz and citrine into their budget.


Turquoise – December Birthstone & 11th/24th Anniversary Gemstone

Embrace those winter blues with December’s birthstone, turquoise. Despite being relatively inexpensive, its beauty rivals even precious gems. Turquoise is among the oldest known gemstones and its popularity has spanned the globe for centuries. This gemstone is also regarded as a love charm. A love charm for the 11th and 24th anniversary?? Yes, please!

Tanzanite – December Secondary Birthstone

When choosing a gemstone representative of the birthday girl’s month or a special anniversary your gift-giving mojo will certainly get a boost. Birthstone and anniversary gemstones automatically personalize the gift and provide wearers with a piece that is true to who they are. We hope you take full advantage of this ultimate gift-giving guide. Visit either Reis-Nichols location to work one-on-one with our jewelry experts to pick out the perfect piece to celebrate the ‘gems’ in your life with something that will be loved for decades.