You may know Jade Trau best from her collaboration with Forevermark, but this jewelry designer has an interesting and unique background that sets her apart from the rest.


A New York native, Jade Lustig (Jade Trau) actually grew up in the diamond industry alongside her grandfather who worked everyday in the diamond district. She has seen the process firsthand of how to cut a diamond from rough form, giving her a special insight into knowing how to make a diamond sparkle inside and out. All this, combined with her love of fashion, has led Jade on a great journey as a jewelry designer.  She is a true embodiment of her work. Before moving full force with her namesake jewelry collection, Jade was working on pieces for herself, individual clients, and doing small collections for independent retail stores while she was in school.



The Jade Trau Collection is a reflection of Jade’s lifestyle and personality. It is for women who personify understated style and value practicality. With a deep understanding of the way jewelry should be worn, Jade focuses on creating pieces that wear beautifully and comfortably. Putting her unique spin on meticulously crafted diamond jewelry, she is inspired by both vintage and contemporary designs. She selects each diamond and Forevermark diamond herself for its individual beauty and fire–favoring the round-edge, fancy-shape diamonds. Jade’s signature ear cuffs and chic signet rings have become fast favorites for in-the-know women and style influences from the streets of New York City to the red carpets of Hollywood and beyond.



It’s true that Jade’s delicate and refined creations are like the designer herself: tasteful with the unexpected. All of her pieces are meant to be worn layered and have the feeling of something totally familiar, yet new and fresh. The intention with the line is to create new diamond classics…items that you will still be excited to wear 10 or 20 years from now. At her core she has an innate ability to create heirloom-worthy treasures that will stand the test of time and grace the ears, necks, fingers, and wrists of generations to come.