Reis-Nichols Jewelers has added a new collection to our already vast selection of high-end, luxury jewelry. The I. Reiss Gallery Collection comes to us from New York and features the latest trends and the most innovative styles to transcend time.



Issac Reiss founded this collection of exclusive designs in 1989 and established a place in the industry with the creation of a high-end fine jewelry line. With this twenty plus year record of excellence, the I. Reiss Collection is known throughout the United States as one of today’s leading designs of fine jewelry. The company is committed to providing jewelry of the finest workmanship and supreme quality.

Each piece is handcrafted in 14K and 18K yellow gold and is enhanced with diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious stones and finished with a matte hammered design. This specific design aesthetic brings out the beauty and warmth of the bold statement jewelry.


Recognizing that our clients are seeking unique, well-priced pieces that are superior in quality, the I. Reiss Collection is designed to always surpass our clients’ expectations and strive to set the trend. I. Reiss is a great gift idea for any special occasion, whether it is a birthday or anniversary. Browse our I. Reiss Gallery Collection to find that perfect ring, pendant, bangles, necklaces or earrings! The pieces are classically beautiful, unique, and the very finest quality.


November 11, 2016