Roberto Coin has devoted his life to a passion for innovative design. The Roberto Coin brand has become a pillar of unique and luxurious design. Never succumbing to fleeting trends, Coin’s style is ever evolving. However, his diverse jewelry pieces are tied by one common thread: a hidden ruby.


First introduced in the Appassionata Collection, a small ruby was hidden on the inside of each piece in direct contact with the skin of the person who wears it. This exclusive signature is a secret message – a gift really – to everyone who wears it. The designer himself said the ruby is a “…romantic way to wish the best to all the people wearing my pieces.” The signature Ruby has always been a special wish from Roberto to his clients for a life of love, health, and good fortune.


The inspiration behind this signature ruby was a direct result of the designer reading a historic book about an old Egyptian legend. Ancient pharaohs considered the ruby to be the only positive, magic stone. They gave rubies to their wives and believed that when the stone touched the skin, it would bring good luck, health, happiness, and fertility. Roberto Coin thought this story was so beautiful and romantic that he began signing all his creations with a little ruby casted in the internal part of the jewelry, thus women who wear Roberto Coin will have good fortune when the stone “kisses” their skin.


November 09, 2016