Strong design, traditional jewelry making and a dedication to sustainable living.  The icon of John Hardy, the Bamboo 
Collection, truly represents all that they stand for. Bamboo is a central element 
in the Balinese way of life and is often referred to as “nature’s gift to 
mankind.”  Used in food, buildings and decoration, 
this tree-like grass is a natural source of inspiration for the company’s core 

John Hardy has donated and planted 600,000 bamboo seedlings through their “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” program. Customers’ Bamboo Collection purchases yield corresponding seedling contributions.  Each piece in this collection includes a subtle engraving on the back indicating the number of bamboo stalks planted in Bali for that specific item.

This collection embodies a more contemporary style with an earthy feel.  Of all John Hardy’s collections, Bamboo is the most popular and recognizable.  Whether you’re looking for everyday bangles or a dressier cocktail ring, the Bamboo collection offers a wide variety of different looks and styles.

Check out a small selection of this amazing collection below, you can always view more on our website:

A classic, signature piece, these pendants start at only $275!



Batu Bamboo Ring with Amethyst

Nusa Penida Bamboo Bracelets

Bamboo Earrings



Bato Bamboo Blue Topaz & White Sapphire Pendant

White Sapphire Bracelet


18K Yellow Gold Bamboo Necklace with Diamonds


Black Sapphire Bamboo Ring

Stop by either Reis-Nichols Jewelers location (in Indianapolis at 3535 E. 86th St., in Greenwood at US 31 and Fry Rd.) to get a closer look at the full John Hardy Bamboo collection or visit us online!  When you purchase John Hardy at Reis-Nichols, you can look good and do good at the same time!

October 14, 2013